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ADOCARE, a Project of Action for Teens

ADOCARE is the consortium of Action for Teens aisbl and LUCAS KU Leuven together with a EU network of experts.

Supported by the European Commission, DG Health & Consumers ADOCARE is set up to create a EU network of expertise to promote and sustain the creation of adapted and innovative care structures for adolescents with mental health problems.

Therefore ADOCARE with its European network of experts and stakeholders will assess the availability of such settings, identify successful existing models of care, develop guidelines for the creation of such care facilities and their operation and raise awareness on the subject.

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Click here to download the 2015 Adocare full report :

"A preparatory action related to the creation of an EU network of experts in the field of adapted care for adolescents with mental health problems" - December 2015

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