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Houses for Teenagers: an adapted response

A house for teenagers is a place of care for young people in distress, for the adolescent who is suffering mentally.  The word “house” suggests warmth, openness and the easy access that should characterize these places of care.

It is an innovative concept of original multidisciplinary care where teenagers can find answers to their questions and find assistance for their mental suffering. It is also a place where the young person’s friends and family can be given help in answering their own questions.

The concept is organized around the cornerstones of medicine, psychiatry, sports, education and culture. there is a round-the-clock reception service, a therapeutic secondary school, a psychiatric hospital and a therapeutic boarding school.

The Houses for Teens, which will eventually operate as satellite structures attached to existing hospitals, should be extremely demanding when recruiting their staff: employees should be well trained to intra-psychological dynamics between adolescents, to the various ways teenagers express their symptomatic suffering and should also be sensitive to family and social interactions inherent to the adolescence.

The functioning of a House for Teenagers: the importance of networking
The mission of the Houses for Teenagers
Cultural care

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