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An economical and societal problem in Europe : the  « mal-de-vivre » of its adolescents.

15 to 20% of the adolescents in Europe, irrespective of the social class they belong to, suffer from one or more psychological of behavioural problems.

Among young people, suicide is the second cause of death, after traffic accidents.

Eating disorders are on the increase (anorexia, bulimia...). One in six young people suffer from disordered eating behaviour. Every year 5% of the adolescents who suffer from anorexia die as a consequence of their pathological eating habits.

The early and regular consumption of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs exposes young persons to risks for accidents and to severe psychosomatic repercussions. The poly dependence on these three substances has doubled during the last 10 years.

School drop-outs and absenteeism are on the rise.

50 % of mental disorder in adults commence during adolescence.

Mood disorders – including major depression and bipolar disorder – are estimated to be the most costly diagnostic group, requiring resources of 113.405 billion euros each year, with 33.3 million sufferers. (http://www.europeanbraincouncil.org/pdfs/Publications_

The costs of mental health affect the global economy of a country (yearly loss of 3 to 4% of the European GNP).

The traditional structures do not sufficiently take into account the typical characteristics of the adolescents and there is a huge shortage of specialised facilities.

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