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In the beginning of 2009, the idea emerged from meetings held between European specialists in adolescence of working on specific houses for adolescents. Several psychiatrists from European hospitals have gathered to create Action for Teens (European Network of Houses for Teenagers - aisbl).

Action for Teens was launched on May 28, 2009 by the 19 founding members from 5 European countries. At that occasion, Action for Teens held its first conference on the subject of adolescence and their environment.



Abstract from the speech of Dr. Passelecq on May 28, 2009:

"The history starts almost a year ago: after visiting la Maison de Solenn à Paris, the doctors directors of the Group of cliniques La Ramée - Fond'Roy and two legal councils, passionate about helping children and adolescents, meet with Professor Marcel Rufo in Marseille. They discuss the project of creating structures of care for adolescents. Soon the idea to reunite several experts on the field of the European continent around this project emerges, pushed by the need to think together and of the box of how we can assist and help adolescents in psychological pain.
From the start, people in contact with adolescents (health professionals, parents, teachers, educators, judicial services …) support the idea of specific houses for adolescents and have encouraged us to pursue are goal. Indeed, the specialists in adolescence, and more in specific the people that help them or try to accompany them, agree that youngsters are always ahead of us. This fact has made the Marseille's and Brussel's pole meet again to reflect on the framework of Action for Teens. How to provide for care tomorrow for adolescents in psychological, psychiatric, psychosomatic need? Multiple meetings were held, the daily practice and care for adolescents in the Group la Ramée - Fond'Roy was confronted with the experience of numerous colleagues in Belgium and Europe, and everywhere specialists in the care for adolescents responded enthusiastically and supported the project. The need of a network but also the desire to work together were, are, strongly felt".

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