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Action for Teens is a European network of psychiatrists who are specialized in adolescence. Action for Teens supports and stimulates the setting up of Houses for Teenagers in order to better care for young people in distress.

It is an open and innovating think tank that centralizes experience and expertise in order to be able to respond better to the evolution and needs of teenagers.

The goal of the European network Action for Teens is to create in each European country, one or more houses for teenagers where each youngster suffering from a psychological disorder can find adequate help, taking his specific world into account and re-establishing the balance between himself and his environment.

Action for Teens is also a scientific movement for research, training and development.

 The European Network of Houses for Teens, “Actions for Teens”, has been launched on May 28, 2009, in view of gathering the main actors specialized in mental health in adolescence and looking at creating structures to welcome teenagers in psychological need.

 • Action for Teens will stimulate, through its network, the creation of several houses for Teens in every European country
• It will ensure the development of useful tools such as, for example roadbooks, data bases that will help setting up the houses for Teens
• Action for Teens will ensure that knowledge and know-how is exchanged and diffused between the members through international collaboration (study  visits, staff exchanges, organization of conferences and symposia).
• Action for Teens will also ensure that its members are represented within European and international organizations and institutions.
• It will aim at increasing public awareness on the necessity of such a specific approach: of a personalized welcome for adolescents having  psychiatric, psychosomatic and/or psychological problems.
• It will also act as an interface with all useful public authorities.
• Action for teens demands the respect of a strict code of ethics

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